Pink Embroidered Bonding Pouch


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This pouch is safe and secure to carry your fuzzy little friend anywhere you go. Pouch includes reversed seams, double screen, boxed corners, zipper, and large “pet safe” window for ventilation. Adjustable strap and plastic clips are included to attach to a strap.

This pouch includes a beautiful embroidery!

Size: 10″ wide x 8″ long x 1.5″ deep
Fabric: Fleece inside and out (blizzard)
: Window

Care: Wash as needed. Best if hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Allow to air dry, or dry on low heat. Check often for wear to avoid injury to your pets.

Since 2003, I have designed and produced several sugar glider pouches and toys. In 2014, I added unique and fun sugar glider embroidery designs to our bonding pouches. We are now adding beautiful rhinestone work to some of our bonding pouches as well. We are a member of several sugar glider community safe vendors lists. Our items have been proven to use safe sewing methods and are sugar glider tested. Please check your pouches often for wear for the safety of your pet. We mainly focus on sugar glider cage and bonding pouches, but we also make fleece toys designed to be in sugar glider cages. If you have questions, please contact us.

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