Terms & Conditions

Sugar glider sales

Right to Refuse Sale

Within 48 hours we will review your sugar glider questionnaire. We reserve the right to deny your sale of live animals without a reason. Most common reasons for denial include:

    -living in an illegal area to own sugar gliders
    -lacking appropriate knowledge in sugar glider care and/or husbandry
    -we are unable to meet transport method request
    -under the age of 18 and no parental consent to adopt

If your application is approved, you will be notified via email. If your application is denied, you will be notified via email and be refunded will be returned within 7 days. We are not required to provide a reason if your application is denied.

Health Guarantee

(The Glider) has a 72-hour health guarantee. (The equivalent of 3 days). (The Glider) must be taken to the vet within 24 hours of arrival for a healthy check or immediately if (The Glider) is showing signs of illness. All fees, tests, and vet bills are the responsibility of (The Purchaser) unless noted below. Failure to comply with the healthy check will void the health guarantee. Should (The Glider) become ill within 72 hours do to parasites or a similar condition that is directly related to Jennifer Chandler or her establishment, plus (The Glider) has not been exposed to any other animals, Jennifer Chandler will pay vet bills directly related to the medical condition at a value up to 25% of the original purchase price of (The Glider). Should (The Glider) pass away within 72 hours do to parasites or a similar condition that is directly related to Jennifer Chandler or her establishment plus the glider has not been exposed to any other animals, (The Purchaser) has the right to receive a full refund or replacement of the animal with the next available animal of similar value at Jennifer Chandler’s choice. A medical exam/necropsy by a qualified vet will be required to prove that a covered illness/death occurred at the expense of (The Purchaser). Trauma, stress related illnesses, and bacterial infections are NOT covered. (The Purchaser) is responsible to watch for stressors and/or stress related symptoms. Should symptoms arise, (The Purchaser) is responsible to get the animal to the vet immediately. All vet bills incurred for stress related illnesses will be the responsibility of (The Purchaser). This guarantee does not cover accidents, neglect, or mistreatment of any kind. (The Purchaser) agrees to care for (The Glider) in a humane and responsible manner and to provide him/her with clean and adequate shelter, food, water, and veterinary care. (The Purchaser) agrees to contact Jennifer Chandler if (The Glider) becomes seriously ill, develops a condition that may be genetic, and/or when he/she dies.  Additional, (The Purchaser) agrees to meet all special needs or requirements of (The Glider) if applicable. 

 First Rights of Refusal

If at a later date (The Purchaser) are unable or unwilling to keep (The Glider), (The Purchaser) agrees to contact Jennifer Chandler immediately for the option to reclaim (The Glider) via phone and email (listed on this contract). (The Purchaser) agrees to give Jennifer Chandler 10 business days to reply and meet these agreed upon terms before placing (The Glider) with a third party. Transportation fees directly related to returning (The Glider) to Jennifer Chandler, including flight costs if required, will be paid by Jennifer Chandler. Should Jennifer Chandler reclaim (The Glider) within the first 24 months of this signed agreement, (The Purchaser) is entitled to a refund that totals 50% of the original purchase price of (The Glider). After the 24 month period ends, should Jennifer Chandler choose to reclaim The Glider, The Purchaser will not be entitled to a refund. If Jennifer Chandler is unable or unwilling to reclaim (The Glider), (The Purchaser) will place (The Glider)privately to a knowledgeable and responsible third party.


Prices on our sugar gliders vary on color and genetic background. Gray sugar gliders generally start around $200.00, while more expensive variations can range in the thousands. Prices for joeys are listed in the nursery. Discounts for non-breeding males or multiple pets may be available. Please contact me for more information. Ohio residents must pay 6.75% sales tax.

Weaning Ages

Our sugar gliders are weaned between 8-10 weeks from the day they first detached from mom and the body no longer fits inside the pouch. Weaned joeys must be going to the bathroom on its own, eating solid foods, and no longer suckling on mom. All our sugar glider joeys must be emotionally ready as well.

Included with All Sugar Glider Sales

     -Bonding pouch
     -Birth certificate and pedigree information
     -Registration in our Pedigree Database
     -Regular updates and photos on the progress of your sugar glider
     -Vet referral if needed
     -Care & Diet e-book upon request.
     -Life-time support for problems and questions
     -72 hour health guarantee (See Above)


Payments are accepted for animals, please contact me for more information and payment terms.

Shipping is Available

Shipping is available, weather permitting, to most international airports. Service is provided via airline for $165.00-$250.00 depending on flight costs. This includes the shipping crate, carrier, airfare, heating pack (if needed), travel pouch, health certificate (if required), and other accessories as needed to ensure that the ride to you is safe and comfortable. Balance must be paid one week prior to shipping.

Meeting/Delivery is Available

Meeting arrangements can be made at the cost of $1.00 per mile calculated on one way. Mileage will be determined via Google maps from our home in Andover, Ohio. For example, if you live 20 miles from us based on Google maps, delivery/meeting charges will be $20.00. The balance due must be paid in cash or via major credit card at transfer. We do not take checks at transfer.

Pick up Date / Late Pick up

All sugar gliders must be picked up and paid in full within 14 days after its weaning date or all monies paid will be forfeit and a new home will be found. These terms apply unless other arrangements have been made in writing.

Pouch and Cage Item Sales

Refund Policy

All items including cage sets, bonding pouches, cage pouches and sugar glider toys designed to come in direct contact with sugar gliders are not returnable. All sales are final.