About Us

My name is Jennifer Chandler. I am the primary caregiver to all of our animals. I married John Chandler on July 9th, 2011; a wonderful man and my best friend. We have 3 children at home; Morgan (18 years), John Lewis Chandler II (2 years) and Liora Nenet Chandler (10 months). Our family resides in Andover, Ohio, which is about 1 1/2 hours east of Cleveland, Ohio, 1 1/2 hours north east of Akron, Ohio and about 1 hour north of Youngstown, Ohio.

My hobbies include teaching math and science, sewing, web-design and programming, photography, and caring for all my beautiful animals. I spend a lot of time educating potential owners, maintaining our web sites, and making toys for my pets. We have also become an unofficial rescue, as we will never turn away a sugar glider or hedgehog in need of a home or proper care. My family and I spend several hours each day bonding, handling, and playing with all of our animal friends and their babies.

We were USDA for 7 years, but in January of 2011 we decided to change our focus while our family transitioned to a new home. Then, in 2014 we decided to return to what we love doing and reapplied for our USDA license. We currently maintain a USDA license.

We specialize in sugar glider color variations. Currently, we are working with white face, leucistic, platinum, albino, mosaic, white tip, gray, caramel, and creamino lines. Our goal is to establish strong bloodlines and breed unique color variations while maintaining excellent records to track bloodlines. Not only do we consider color and genetics when pairing our animals, but temperament as well. I am a firm believer that temperament in partially inherited and partly learned from the parents.

Since 2003, I have designed and produced several sugar glider pouches and toys. In 2014, I added unique and fun sugar glider embroidery designs. My husband and I operate PSG Pouch Place. All of our items have been proven safe and are sugar glider approved.